Scale Lengths

I build guitars in a full range of sizes.

“Normal” Scale Length Most guitars are made with a 650 mm scale length, though some years ago, some popular manufacturers made many instruments at 660 and 664 mm. Most of my guitars are made with a 650 mm scale length and this size works well for many men and some women.  Neck width and fingerboard thickness and contour can be customized to suite individual tastes and needs.

Short Scale Guitars.  People with smaller hands, including many women, find that a 650 mm guitar is too large to play comfortably. In addition, problems such as a arthritis or an injury can make a full sized guitar difficult to play. It is for this reason that I am happy to provide shorter scale instruments and will customize each instrument to assure that it both sounds great and is comfortable to play. The materials and standards of construction are the same for all instruments. My standard short-scale sizes are (in millimeters) 635, 615 and 600, but if you have a specific need for a different size, I am happy to accommodate your needs.

Travel Guitar. If you are looking for a smaller guitar that is easier to travel with, consider an instrument with a ~550 mm scale length, but built with a nearly full-width neck to accommodate normal sized-hands. Use a Neck Up, Dynarette or similar support to place the guitar in proper playing position.

Children’s Guitars. Instruments as small as 535 mm are available for children.