All wood is thoroughly dried and aged to minimize the potential for cracking due to environmental moisture changes. While the climate of Colorado ensures that the wood is naturally dry, the humidity of the workshop is controlled to assure that the wood retains the desired moisture content throughout the construction process.

A variety of woods (maple, rosewood, cherry, walnut, holly, alder, redheart, purpleheart, and many others) is used for purfling, binding, and rosette construction. No dyed wood is used.

Both European spruce and western red cedar are available. I personally hand-select European Spruce from the top 5-10% of high-grade stock at specialty sawmills in Italy and Austria. The cedar is beautiful tight-grained wood with excellent tap tones and stiffness.

Neck. Necks are made of Spanish cedar (cedrella). This wood has stiffness and weight properties that allow it to complement the resonances of the guitar body.